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"Helping save our seas through education and entertainment!"


Let Greg and Fliss The Mermaid help your students discover our oceans!


Saving our seas is the responsibility of every one of us - but to be able to help we first have to know what the problems are, and what we can do about them! In our school shows, aimed at KS1 and KS2 students, we aim to spread the message of saving our oceans, and educate students about everything from pollution, littering and recycling to hunting and overfishing and a lot more besides, to give them the information they need to help save the oceans for future generations.


We strongly believe that the best way to educate is to entertain, and so we don't deliver a lecture, but rather a fast paced, comedy-filled show starring Greg Chapman - comedy performer, juggler and magician and Fliss, our mermaid, who are joined onstage by our puppet friends 'Igor the Turtle' and 'Terence the Seagull'. Plus of course we are joined by some of your students on the stage as we aim to make the show as interactive as possible!


The show runs at approximately 50 minutes, with time afterwards for students to ask questions to Greg and Fliss, and, if wanted, for the students to come up and have a class photograph with Greg and Fliss the Mermaid in front of our set.


We want to make these shows as accessible as we can to all students and all schools across the country. Our prices start at £250 plus travel for a single show, and we can offer discounts for multiple shows booked on the same day, or for local schools working together to book shows on consecutive days. As conservation (and particularly plastics and plastic bags) are big news at the moment, we can even help you with template letters for you to send to local companies to ask for sponsorship to cover the cost of bringing the show to your  school!


Our school shows are also available to book by Cubs, Beavers, Brownies, Guides and other clubs with an interest.


Get in touch with us at gregchapmanjuggler@gmail.com today to find out more about bringing education and entertainment - and a mermaid - to your students!