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"Helping save our seas through education and entertainment!"

As well as our live shows, we want to be able to spread our message far and wide - while staying as entertaining as possible - by producing short videos featuring the team here at Curios Aquatica! Keep an eye out or subscribe to Greg Chapman - Steampunk Entertainer on YouTube to be the first to know whenever a new video is released!

Greg has a bit of a rant after a newspaper headline

 about sharks sets him off!

Mexico: Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty


In February 2019 we set off on an epic adventure in Mexico. Greg wanted to become Indiana Jones. Lady Felicity wanted to get close to whales in the wild.


In a journey starting in the ruins of Teotihuacan, and taking in Mayan Ruins from El Tajin to Calakmul, and finishing with grey whales and even a swim with whale sharks, this 58 minute travel documentary will really let you get to know us both - and seeing Lady Felicity with the grey whales in Magdelena Bay will really show you all just how serious she is in her love of marine wildlife, and just how much she wants to help save our seas!