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When spending time as a mermaid, Fliss still likes to explore - and she particularly enjoys meeting people at events!


Greg, like most jugglers and magicians, always enjoys the opportunity to perform and show off, and spends most of the summer months performing his own shows from arenas to historic buildings up and down the country.


It seems quite clear to Fliss, therefore, that in order for her to get to see more of the country, Greg should take her with him whenever the opportunity presents itself, and so she is planning to accompany Greg to some of his shows to meet the public and have photographs taken!


If you would like to have a 'real-life' mermaid at your events, alongside Greg who can tell tales of the sea and mermaids, as well as performing many of his variety skills and more, then please get in touch to find out what we can offer your event as something unique and special! If your event has a pool, or even better if you are an aquarium or similar and would like to see Fliss in her natural environment and have a performance featuring our mermaid actually swimming, then the possibilities are even better to create an unforgettable experience for your audiences!


We also have options of full magic, comedy and mermaid shows for evening performances, and are always willing to discuss creating bespoke performances depending on your needs - so please get in touch about any events, and we will see how we can bring some Mer-Magic to you!


Just email us at gregchapmanjuggler@gmail.com giving us an idea of what you have in mind!


NEW FOR 2019: Look out for Fliss the Mermaid's new Steampunk display from August!

Greg entertaining the crowds


Wellingborough Medieval Festival