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"Helping save our seas through education and entertainment!"

Curios Aquatica is made up of comedy performer and steampunk variety entertainer Greg Chapman, and Lady Felicity, a fossil hunter and marine wildlife enthusiast, and began one evening in 2017 after we watched a particularly shocking video about the state of the oceans today and the potential future for them if we don't all help clean up our act as a species.


Living on the Isle of Wight, and both having led groups of students on fossil-hunting trips on the beach, we are used to doing our own small part by collecting some of the more dangerous rubbish and debris from the beach while walking there. This video, however, left us feeling the need to do something in addition and so we began to come up with ways that we could do more to help.


Greg has been a performer all of his life, and has written, directed and performed in many shows particularly in entertainment based shows, from nine years teaching English through theatre in Italy with 'Action Theatre in English', to performing his own history-based shows in schools and various venues across the country with his 'Condensed Histories', and so it seemed an obvious choice to use the skills that he had already built up to create educational shows to help teach people about the sea. As a fossil-guide Lady Felicity has also spent many years giving talks to groups of students, and so we decided to create the first 'Curios Aquatica' shows aimed at a school audience.


Lady Felicity still wanted to do more than education, however, and came up with the idea that as well as education and entertainment, there should also be a fundraising side to 'Curios Aquatica', and so it was agreed that as well as raising awareness, part of our aim would be to raise money for various marine charities. You can find out more about this side of what we do by clicking on the Fundraising link above.